From Oracle Forms to Microsoft .NET

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What is Forms2Net?

The Forms2Net is the first and worldwide-unique , Microsoft Visual Studio add-in that allows for the high-quality migration of Oracle Forms applications to the Microsoft .NET platform.

The Forms2Net© tool family consists of 3 members:
- Forms2Net© Analyzer , a freely available tool for estimating the complexity and effort for migrating your Oracle Forms application.
- Forms2Net© Converter , a powerful Microsoft Visual Studio add-in that automatically converts Oracle Forms versions 4.5 up to 10g to the Microsoft .NET equivalent either in HTML5, WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET or Windows Forms (C# or VB.NET).
- Reports2Net© Converter , for migrating automatically the Oracle Reports to Microsoft Reporting Services.
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Why Forms2Net?
The Forms2Net product is the best alternative for minimizing the high risk that is inherent in manually-performed migration or rewriting projects, a risk which often leads to disastrous results.
In addition, Forms2Net has been repeatedly benchmarked in saving more than 80% of the time and drastically reducing the costs in comparison to labor-intensive approaches.
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The Forms2Net Strategy
Forms2Net is not merely a language conversion tool. It is a platform migration toolset.
It produces high-quality, native and database independent .NET code which follows all Microsoft-recommended .NET best practices, both architectural and programming ones.
Thus, it allows for high productivity levels in application maintenance, reduces considerably the application’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and permits organizations to preserve crucial business knowledge and protect their technology investments. Read more

The Forms2Net Value
Having already successfully migrated hundreds of Oracle Forms and Reports in a wide variety of application domains, the Forms2Net tool family brings unmatched expertise to your migration project.
With a profound know-how and skills, a strong track record of success and a prestigious customer list, ATX Technologies, a Microsoft VSIP (Visual Studio Industry Partner) and SSMA (SQL Server Migration Assistant) partner, and its carefully selected network of worldwide partners guarantee a superior experience and superb result in your Oracle Forms to .NET migration effort.